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Mee Rebus

Today the recipe is a noodle dish “MEE REBUS”  This is a Malay word meaning ‘boil mee or boil noodles’.

Mee rebus can be found in most eating stalls in Asia. This can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Through the years, people’s taste have changed, so every stall will have their own secret recipe. You can always change ingredients to suit your taste.

This dish is noodles with a thick,hot sauce, top with fried ‘tow foo’ (bean curd), boiled eggs, squid sambal (optional) or it can also be a vegetarian dish.


1 packet yellow noodles (hokkein mee)
250gm bean sprouts (towkay)
4 pieces fried bean curd (fried tofu)
2 hard boil eggs (cut in ½)
Wedges of lemon
Fried small onions, spring onions, sliced red chillies and coriander leaves for garnishing.

Raw ingredients for Mee Rebus

Ingredients for Mee Rebus


Sauce Ingredients
½ teasp pepper
2 teasp chillie powder to taste (you can use dried chillies, you have to soak this in hot water before pounding or grinding)
2 slices galangal (langkwas)
2 slices ginger
½ bowl small onions (shallots) or 2 med regular onions
4 pip garlic
3 candle nuts (buah keras)

Pound the above, then add
1 teasp turmeric powder
2 teasp cumin powder
2 teasp coriander powder
1 teasp fennel powder

Beef bones or chicken bones can be used for the stock.
For those who want a vegetarian stock, use ikan belis (dried anchovies), dried prawns and blue swimmer crabs.

Under TIPS

I’ll teach you how to make the ikan belis powder.

Boil a medium size sweet potato and mash it, keep aside.

Fry the pounded ingredients with ¼ cup oil till fragrant and add 2 litres of  stock

Simmer for 20 mins, add seasonings and mashed sweet potato to thicken. Simmer 5 mins.

Boil noodles and bean sprouts  (TIP: do not overcook the bean sprouts, put in boiling water for 2 seconds – over cooked sprouts will loose their crunch)

To serve:
Put bean sprouts in a bowl.
Top with noodles, fried bean curds  and boiled eggs.
Spoon over sauce, enough to cover noodles.
Garnish with fried onions, spring onions, coriander leaves and squid sambal & wedge of lemon.


Ready to enjoy Mee Rebus

Ready to enjoy Mee Rebus


To cook the Squid Sambal:
Look under ‘sambal’ in my earlier posting,  “NASI LEMAK” recipe.
Fry a sliced onion, add squid (TIP: boil squid in boiling water to remove excess water)

For Potato Sambal:
Cut up potatoes, boil 10 mins and add to sambal.
Add tomatoes to sambal and simmer 2 mins.

Today’s TIP:
To make ikan belis powder:
Oven dry the dried prawns and ikan belis (low oven till very dry).
Blend till fine powder.
Bottle and keep in fridge.
This can be used for stir fried vegetables and making a quick stock.

Quick stock:
For 1 litre of water, add 2 teasp of dried powder. Simmer 10 mins.